Curriculum Development Panelist and Subject Matter Expert
National Cyberwatch Center
August 2022 to present

Create online content on fundamental IT topics following a competency based learning methodology for NSF funded cybersecurity training initiative.

Research Workflow Automation
Institute for Public Affairs
September 2019 to Sept 2020
Architecture, proposal development, prototyping for a system designed for investigative journalists, along with research/advice on available data resources and tools and searches. Created a prototype web application using asyncio, Panel UI framework, tornado web server, requests and Beautiful Soup for text processing.
Also pulled facebook ad data using python interface and prepared ad spending reports as part of a published investigative journalism piece.

Sound and Interaction Designer
Future TBD

November 2018 to November 2020
Programming sensor interactions and python audio synthesis software on Raspberry pi, sensor interactions and device control on Arduino. Participate in startup formation of for profit New Media Art Collective Future TBD. Nov 2018 -Nov 2020

Consultant in Natural Language Processing
August 2018 to March 2020, Consultant. Advise digital marketing startup on natural language processing, machine learning, software architecture. Aug 2018-Mar 2020

Sound and Video Design
Vortex Theater, Shrewd Productions, Different Stages – Austin, TX
January 2003 to Present
Create music, sound, and video effects for live theater. Specify and install supplemental audio equipment and projectors. Program QLAB control software and train operators. Collaborate with directors and actors in rehearsal.

Performance Park Sound and Interaction Lead
Vortex Theater

January 2018 to July 2018
Sound Design for Large Scale Immersive Theater project. Composed soundscape and physical objects with embedded sensors, telepresence and audio design/support, configuration of digital soundboard and feedback control devices, training of stage managers and audio, computer and audio support, install and configure audio software and QLAB files.. Compose music and layer main musical tracks from multiple composers. Awarded “Most Valuable Player” for Vortex theater 2019

Consultant in Medical IT, NLP
University of New Mexico Medical IT
March 2018 to June 2018
Consult for university-based medical text analysis project, defining prototype project and methods (under NDA). Mar-June 2018

Consultant, Computer Vision and Graphics
Integral Research – Austin, TX

Conducted critical review of computer graphics product development plans for investors.  April 2017

AI Scientist / Artist
Hanson Robotics – Austin/Hong Kong

June 2015 to September 2017
Improved animation on Sophia humanoid robot, by integrating speech synthesis and animation with sentiment analysis, eye movements coding in python/ROS framework
Designed and coded an interpreter and markup language to improve speech realism in chat responses based on acting methods.
Designed and built remote control “puppeting” system architecture for live robot encounter, design and coded chat and dialog systems and testing / QA systems for non-technical users.
Evaluated and advised on use of 3rd party software vs. open source alternatives in speech synthesis and dialog services, including IBM Watson components.
Restored legacy hardware (Philip K. Dick robot) by bringing up current generation software.
Linux system admin and software configuration for TX based dialog writing team.
Co-administrator/developer of multiple-source dialog system on Amazon web server.
Supported face animation team debugging issues in Blender and Blender python API.

Programmer, Sound Design Consultant
Centerline Digital/IBM

May 2016 to June 2016
Performer Developed and performed ?Data DJ? a data sonification system for IBM/Wired Magazine Smart Building marketing event in UK.
Consultant, Signal Processing
Parent Sciences – Austin, TX
October 2014 to January 2015
Performed education, consultation and bio signal processing research for a child welfare non-profit in Austin.
Composer, technical director computer music software development
Vortex Theater
June 2013 to May 2014
Creative lead for a science themed opera “For Fear the Glass May Shatter”. Software written in python/numpy with OpenGL graphics and pyo audio synthesis library. Supervised CS intern to develop CGI animations of neural field imagery spilling from a Chalice.

Senior Engineer Machine Learning for Computational Lithography

2008 to 2013
Co-led small team located in IBM Zurich Research to develop machine learning, signal processing and computational lithography software in cooperation with IBM Watson Research, IBM SRDC, Global Foundries, and Mentor graphics. Specified, developed and tested algorithms running on supercomputing clusters. Designed simulation based experiments to identify best practices for Source Mask Optimization (SMO). Trained postdocs and Ph.D. candidates, negotiated proposals and yearly funding renewal. Developed intellectual property portfolio and represented IBM at SPIE Advanced Lithography conference. Ran Calibre OPC and aerial simulation for lithography and resist modeling. Built Mentor Graphics Calibre optical models using SMO generated sources. Prototyped machine learning code in Matlab. 2008-2013
Senior Engineer, Image Processing for Sensor Manufacturing
IBM – Austin, TX
2007 to 2008
Consulted with image sensor development group on nonlinear diffusion image processing techniques for defect analysis and process development. Performed testing and coding of a rule driven layout synthesis system written in Matlab and Python. 2007-2008
Senior Engineer, Machine Learning for Design Process Integration
IBM – Austin, TX

2002 to 2006
Led multi-site team with academic partners in support of manufacturing yield and Optical Proximity Correction. Supervised 1 full time employee and two Ph.D. candidate interns. Initiated and negotiate yearly research and development proposals and funding renewal. Served on Electronic Design Automation architecture steering council. Submitted patents for use of machine learning and signal processing to accelerate algorithm testing and search for possible defects using Mentor Graphics. Wrote machine learning code in Matlab with python data transformation elements, with tcl for user interface. 2002-2006
Senior Engineer, Design Automation, UI/UX

1991 to 2001
Developed design automation frameworks and algorithms (C/C++,Pascal, Fortran, PL/1,tcl,), methods and data structure engineering. Supported international user base in IBM and Motorola microprocessor designs and ASICS in USA and Europe. Developed GUI and navigation/design software for hierarchical physical designs and ?cockpits? to control algorithms and view designs using X Windows, Motif, various 2.5D and 3D graphics software packages. Participated in CMOS microprocessor designs as developer and physical designer. Developed, and improved various physical design systems (place and route, DRV, timing, power routing, pin assignment). Linux and Unix development. 2001, earlier
Ph.D. in Engineering
University of Texas at Austin – Austin, TX
MS Computer Engineering in Computer Engineering
University of Texas at Austin – Austin, TX
Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering
University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana – Urbana, IL
Machine Learning (10+ years)
Python (10+ years)
Computer Hardware (10+ years)
Software Development (10+ years)
Computer Vision and Image Processing (10+ years)
Robotics (2 years)
git (5 years)
Amazon Web Services (1 year)
Audio Engineering (10+ years)
Linux (10+ years)
Docker (Less than 1 year)
C++ (5 years)
C (10+ years)
B Iden Payne Award for Oustanding Sound Design
September 2016
Awarded for work on world premiere of Terminus by Gabriel Jason Dean at Vortex Theater.
Additional Information
Technical Skills
Robotics: python event driven programming with ROS, motor configuration, animatronics, dialog systems, speech synthesis, face tracking, motion capture and remote control.
VLSI Design: Expert in floor planning, chip integration, design methods; familiar with place and route, VHDL/ simulation, synthesis, static timing and noise methodologies, DFM practices
Semiconductor Processing: Optical Proximity Correction, Source Mask Optimization, Optics and Diffraction effects, resist modeling, metrology.
Data Analysis and Signal Processing: Clustering and supervised machine learning methods, image and signal analysis; statistical analysis of nonlinear systems, dictionary learning, sparse coding, information theory, permutation and transfer entropy, causality analysis, audio synthesis
Software Engineering: Object oriented design, project management and deployment of large scale, rapidly evolving complex software systems in demanding environments, agile development
Languages/Frameworks: python, scipy, scikit-learn, Matlab, C/C++, tcl/tk, perl, Scheme, Java, Fortran, Pascal
Operating Systems and utilities: Linux, Windows, MacOS, svn, cvs, git, Amazon web services, docker
Other: Plan and proposal development, IP development, audio and video production and programming, Slack and Trello for communications and project management

Patents (Lead or Key Contributor)
Automatic Wafer Data Sample Planning and Review
Nathalie Casati, David DeMaris, Maria Gabrani, RonaldP. Luitjen
US Patent 8751980B2

Layout Assessment Method and System
Nathalie Casati, David L. DeMaris, Frank De Morsier, Virginia Estellers Casas,Maria Gabrani
US Patent 8863044B1US8863044B1

Method for generating a set of test patterns for an optical proximity correction algorithm.
David L DeMaris, Mark A Lavin, William C Leipold, Daniel N Maynard, Maharaj Mukherjee
US Patent 7,404,174

System for search and analysis of systematic defects in integrated circuits
BLB Reuter, DL DeMaris, MA Lavin, WC Leipold, DN Maynard, M Mukherjee
US Patent 7,284,230

System and method for testing pattern sensitive algorithms for semiconductor design
David L. DeMaris, Timothy G. Dunham, William C. Leipold, Daniel N. Maynard, Michael E. Scaman, Shi Zhong
US 20100095254 A1

Method for fast estimation of lithographic binding patterns in an integrated circuit layout
Saeed Bagheri, David L. DeMaris, Maria Gabrani, David Osmond Melville, Alan E. Rosenbluth, Kehan Tian
US 8234603 B2

D. DeMaris, M. Gabrani, et al. Fast source independent estimation of lithographic difficulty supporting large scale source optimization, SPIE Optical Lithography, V8325 2012

K. Lai, M. Gabrani, D. DeMaris et al. Design specific joint optimization of masks and sources on a very large scale, Proc. SPIE Advanced Lithography, V7973, 2011

DeMaris, D. , Leipold, W., Dunham, T., Zhong, S. Automated Regression Test Selection for Optical Proximity Correction (ISMI Symposium on Manufacturing Efficiency, ), 2006

Zhong, S. , DeMaris, D. Diameter-Constrained Clustering: Algorithms and Experiments for Layout Coverage Problem, Proc. 7th Annual Austin Center for Advanced Studies Conference, 2005

DeMaris, D., Maynard, D., Bergman Reuter, B., Zhong, S. An information Retrieval System for the Analysis of Systematic Defects in VLSI, Proc. 16th Intl. Conf. on Tools with Artificial Intelligence. Nov. 2004 pp 216 – 223

DeMaris, D. Dimension Change, Coarse Grained Coding And Pattern Recognition In Spatio-Temporal Nonlinear Systems, J. of Integrative Neuroscience, V2:1, 2003, pp 71-102.

DeMaris, D. Representation space in a network of coupled chaotic oscillators with modulated synchronization. Neurocomputing, 44-46, 2002, pp 365-362

DeMaris D., Womack B.F. Recognition of Objects Rotated in Depth using Partial Synchronization of Chaotic Units . Proc. Intl. Joint Conference on Neural Networks, 2001, pp. 884-889

DeMaris D. Synchronization Opponent Systems: Attractor basin transient statistics as a population code for object representation. Neurocomputing 38-40, 2001, pp. 547-554

DeMaris, D. Attention, Depth Gestalts, and Chaos in the Perception of Ambiguous Figures, in Levine, D and Brown, Vincent R. (Eds.) Oscillations in Neural Systems, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2000, p. 239-259

DeMaris D. Pattern formation in spatially extended nonlinear systems: toward a foundation for meaning in symbolic forms. in Dubois, D. (Ed.) Proc. 1st Intl.Conf. on Anticipatory Systems, AIP. Conference Proceedings, no.437, pp. 469-494, 1998

DeMaris, D. Computing Shape Similarity With Chaotic Reaction Diffusion Spectra, Proc. World Congress on Neural Networks, V1 p. 270-273, 1995

University of Texas at Austin, Ph. D., May 2001, Engineering
Dissertation: Synchronization Opponent Networks: Dynamics, Computation, and Coding For Similarity and Object Recognition. (Supervisor: Baxter F. Womack )

University of Texas at Austin, M.S. Engineering, Computer Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, BSEE, Electrical Engineering


Issued US patents (Lead or Key Contributor)

Method for generating a set of test patterns for an optical proximity correction algorithm.
David L DeMaris, Mark A Lavin, William C Leipold, Daniel N Maynard, Maharaj Mukherjee
US Patent 7,404,174

System for search and analysis of systematic defects in integrated circuits
BLB Reuter, DL DeMaris, MA Lavin, WC Leipold, DN Maynard, M Mukherjee
US Patent 7,284,230

System and method for testing pattern sensitive algorithms for semiconductor design
David L. DeMaris, Timothy G. Dunham, William C. Leipold, Daniel N. Maynard, Michael E. Scaman, Shi Zhong US 20100095254 A1

Method for fast estimation of lithographic binding patterns in an integrated circuit layout
Saeed Bagheri, David L. DeMaris, Maria Gabrani, David Osmond Melville, Alan E. Rosenbluth, Kehan Tian US 8234603 B2

Pending Published Patents:
Method of optimization of a manufacturing process of an integrated circuit layout
David L. DeMaris, Maria Gabrani, Ekaterina Volkova
US 20120324406 A1

Feature extraction that supports progressively refined search and classification of patterns in a semiconductor layout
Demaris David L, Kanj Rouwaida N, Maynard Daniel N, Monkowski Michael D

Invited Talks

Berklee School of Music, 2006
University of Texas Data Mining Seminar, 2005
Florida Atlantic University, 2005
Berklee School of Music 2004
IBM Research Biometaphorical Computing Research Group 2002
Krasnow Institute, George Mason University, 2001
Riken Brain Science Institute Perceptual Dynamics Group, 2001
University of Tokyo Research Center for Complex Systems Biology, 2001
Cognitive Science Course, School of Library and Information Science, U. Texas Austin, 2001
Neural Network Seminar, Oregon Graduate Institute, 1999
First International Conference on Anticipatory Systems, Liege, 1998
Workshop on Logic and Dynamics for Higher Level Formation in Biology, Yokohama, 1996

Selected Fine Arts / Digital Arts performances and installations

For Fear the Glass May Shatter, in development, Vortex Rep March 2014
Sound Design / Composition, Qualities of Starlight, Vortex Rep May 2013
Elizabeth: Heart of a King, Sound Design/Composer/Video, Vortex Rep, Jan 2013
Video performance and DJ; panelist Future Music Summit, Round Top Festival Hill, May 2012
Video Collaboration with ambient duet Moats Float Aloft (Vimeo)
Photography Exhibition, East Austin Studio Tour, November 2011
Video installations, organ and synthesis concert, Round Top Festival Institute, October 2011
Video performance, Plutopia , March 2011
Integrated musical and video performance, Plutopia , March 2010
Sound Design / Composition, Rossums Universal Robots, July 2009, Vortex
Video work showing at Rote Fabrik, Zurich, 2008
Video Projection/Sculptural installation East Austin Studio Tour Nov 2007
Futurama Sensor-driven Interactive video installation, Maker Faire Austin, Oct 2007
Jazz Ensemble performance and Computer video, Salvage Vanguard, September 2007
Computer Video performance, Salvage Vanguard, COFG Aug. 2007
Theatrical underscore and sound design, Wyrd Sisters, Vortex Theater, Jul. 2007
Digital Video and Laptop Audio Performance EFF SXSW event, Mar 2007
Theatrical underscore and sound design, Trickster Vortex Theater, Jan 2007
Live Film Score, Salome, Burning Flipside Festival, Austin, May 2006
Lecture on Visual Music, Demonstration, Berklee School of Music, Boston MA, 2006
Film Score, Real: The Northland Story, Nov. 2005
Sound Design / Composition, Vitriol and Violets, Vortex Theater July 2005
Computer Video / laptop audio performance, SXSW EFF party, Mar. 2005
Computer Video performance, Benefit for AIDS services Austin, 2004
Lecture on Visual Music, Demonstration, Berklee School of Music, Boston MA, 2004
Computer Video Performance, multi-screen installation AMODA Digital Showcase Jan 2004
Interactive Installation, AMODA March 2002
Computer Video Performance, AMODA Digital Showcase, Feb. 2002
Sound Design / Composition, Holy Well and Sacred Flame, Vortex Theater, Austin, Jan. 2002
Interactive Computer Video, Austin Museum of Digital Arts Digital Showcase, June 2001
Computer Video Performance AMODA Digital Showcase Jun. 2001
Audio Reactive Computer Video, Electroacoustic Recital Series, U. Texas Austin, Dec. 2000
Sound Design, The Thirteen Clocks, Vortex Theatre , Austin May 1999
Computer Video Installation, Topos Gallery Juried Show, Austin, TX, March1997
Jazz pianist/ Composer/ Audio Engineering, Alien Time Ensemble, 1994-2007; SXSW music festival 1998, Austin Jazz and Arts Festival 2000, CD released 1999, frequent local airplay.
Invisible Fountain (algorithmic music from coupled oscillator networks), Einstein Meets Magritte: An interdisciplinary workshop in science and art, Brussels 1996


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