Hello mid 2013

I’m taking a brief sabbatical period after many years of working in the semiconductor business. It’s a good time to catch up on developments in various fields of interest and to re-boot my web presence.

Some things I’m occupying myself with:
1) Reviewing developments in neuroscience, especially the dynamical and neurophysics communities. Within the broader field, I was motivated to understand the problem of cross-frequency interactions and am delighted to see a lot of work in this area.
2) Algorithmic music and signal processing systems, in my favorite language python and others.
3) Creating a library of python based scientific and engineering software.
4) Studying the history of the development of quantum mechanics and field theory, and looking at recent trends in “emergent” quantum mechanics.
5) I’m working on a chamber opera which draws on all of the above, and applying to a local arts festival.



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