Talk on machine learning and cybersecurity Thursday.


I’m giving a talk to Austin Science Club this Thursday,  June 15 2016 on anomaly detection using sparse dictionary learning.  The talk is tilted toward cybersecurity, but my own experience with this method came from detecting structures on VLSI chips that may not be adequately characterized or handle by proximity correction algorithms.  The technique is general and has been used in biosignal analysis as well to detect unusual trends.

In other news, I’ve been reviewing a great deal of material on oscillations and neuroscience, and an interpretive framework known as microgenesis, with an eye toward a review paper and suggestions of how to make this a computational framework.

Over the past year or two I’ve been interested in the overlap between various branches of network theory, neuroscience, and the psychology of multiple individuals interacting (from dyads to large groups on the internet).  The term Collective Intelligence seems to be coming into relatively widespread use.


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